Sight Seeing - Free of charge.  Limited to 100 persons, based on first come first serve

太魯閣國家公園半日遊 Taroko Gorge (half-day tour) This tour includes visits to scenic sites at the world-class attraction Taroko Gorge。


14:00 理想大地 → 14:10 東華大學 出發。

14:00 Departing from Promisedland → 14:10 Departing from National Dong Hwa University。

Pick-up→East Entrance Arch Gate→Yanzikou Trail→Lushui Visitor Center →Eternal spring shrine (Changchun Shrine)→Return。

☆itinerary may vary depending on access restrictions at scenic sites

18:00 東華大學 → 18:10 理想大地。

18:00 Returns to National Dong Hwa University → 18:10 Returns to Promisedland。