Other Information

Other Information

TRK Bus 301

OBike is available in the NDHU campus 

OBike is a self-serve bicycle renting service that you can ride the bicycles among buildings in the campus.

Charge: NT$ 2 per 15 minutes. Require refundable NT$ 900  deposit for the first time user.

Renting method:

  1. You can use any one parked oBike bicycle you have put your sight on.
  2. Download oBike app to your smart phone. (use keyword “obike” to find it in Play or App store)
  3. Run the oBike app, and use the build-in camera on the smart phone to scan the QR code on the oBike bicycle you want to rent. Now the lock will automatically be released, the bicycle is ready for you, and the renting time will start to count.
  4. 4. After you enjoyed the oBike riding, clamp the lock manually. Now you have terminated the renting, and will not be charged since.

p.s.  The oBile bicycles should be parked in the designated parking lots by the buildings in the campus when returned.


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